Panning for Indiana silver

DCIM101GOPROYesterday we spent a few pleasant hours fishing for Indiana “silver,” otherwise known as the white bass.

During the springtime, hordes of the prolific white bass leave their normal deepwater reservoir home and ascend the nearest available creek or river to spawn.  There, in knee-deep water, savvy fishermen are waiting to catch the hard-fighting, aggressive fish.

Commonly known as “silvers,” the white bass is arguably at the top of the list for Hoosier anglers during the latter parts of April and first few week of May.

In spite of the weather conditions (great for jogging, not so good for fishing!), we succeeded in enticing a dozen fish to hit our blue and white 1/16 ounce tube jigs after a cold front had chilled the water and turned the fish lethargic.  With a few fish on the stringer and a sighting of an osprey sitting on a large sycamore branch over the creek, we decided that there are certainly worse ways to spend an April afternoon!

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