Bad idea of the day: “Hey mom, can I keep him??”

In case you hadn’t seen the story, a live 3-foot alligator was found lying along I-69 in Hamilton County early Saturday morning.

It seems likely the critter was someone’s escaped pet, at least until Channel 13 interviewed the man who took possession of the alligator.   According to wildlife rehabilitator Ron Billingsly, he thinks somebody picked up the gator crossing the road somewhere down south and decided to bring it back home again to Indiana.

If you look at the video accompanying the story below, you’ll see that the gator is indeed a nasty hombre and would love nothing better than to sink his peg-like teeth into some human forearm.

After looking at the video, it would seem that a check of local hospital emergency rooms would probably reveal the former owner of the vicious reptile.

On a related note, there is also an eight-foot python missing in Noblesville.

If anyone had planned to invite us on a hunting or fishing trip in the Everglades of Hamilton County, we’ll graciously pass on the offer beforehand.

Here’s the story from

The three-foot-long alligator found by drivers along I-69 early Saturday morning was not a pet.

That’s the expert opinion of Ron Billingsley, who operates Indiana Reptile Expo in Strawtown, just north of Noblesville.

“He’s not a happy camper at all,” said Billingsley as the gator lunged at him and hissed. “A captive-born, raised gator, I can reach right down pick it up and hold it, it’s fine. That thing has never been around humans.”

Billingsley was called to help after a driver spotted the strange sight along I-69 early Saturday morning and called 911.

“We just saw…I swear it’s like an alligator on the side of the road,” the caller said.

“Just sitting there?” the dispatcher asked.

“Yeah, it’s kinda just sitting there. It just, like, looked at us a little bit. Yeah, it’s definitely alive,” the caller replied.

Two days later, Billingsley tries to grab the gator, which he estimates is about three years old, essentially a baby.

via Expert says gator found on I-69 was not a pet – 13 WTHR Indianapolis.



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