Be careful boating this weekend!

This weekend will see waterways throughout the state and nation clogged with swimmers, scuba divers, anglers, boaters, waterskiers, paddlers, personal watercraft riders and every other manner of outdoor enthusiast.  It also means that the alcohol will flow and there will undoubtedly be a boating-related tragedy somewhere in the state during the holiday weekend.   Sadly, there probably will be more than one if past experience holds true.

So, as we head out this weekend to celebrate the greatest country in the world, let’s take an extra effort to be safe out there.  Our goal should be to arrive safely at work, sunburned, bloated from bratwurst and all tired out from a great- and safe- weekend.

Here is a good story highlighting the problems from Lafayette television station WLFI:

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WLFI) – Thousands of Indiana boaters are expected to hit the water this holiday weekend, which is always one of the busiest boating weekends of the summer.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources reminded boaters to play it safe on lakes like Freeman and Shafer.

Conservation Officer Matt Tholen said Freeman and Shafer are relatively narrow bodies of water, increasing the risk for boating accidents when hundreds of boats are running in the same area…

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