Mountain lion roaming Indiana

Just when you thought it was safe to amble through the Hoosier woods, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources has confirmed a mountain lion is roaming the woods of Greene County.

After years of reports of everything from lions to tigers to bears roaming the Indiana countryside, the DNR now investigates such sightings that are deemed semi-credible.

In this case, biologists with the DNR set up trail cameras in the area where footprints of a large cat were found by a conservations officer who was investigating claims by local residents.

To everyone’s surprise, the cameras were only in place a day when they captured multiple images of the large cat on May 1 around 2:30 a.m.

Now that we have an iron-clad confirmation of a large cat roaming southern Indiana, the next question is: is this a wild cougar or an escaped pet.  The DNR isn’t sure…yet.

Considering that southern Illinois has a confirmed wild (but still sparse) population of mountain lions, our bet is that the cat is a former Illini.

Mark our words: wild bears in Hoosier National Forest aren’t out of the question within 10 to 15 years.   Perhaps that will help reduce some of the litter in our more popular campgrounds- or reduce the population of camping pigs.

Photos: Indiana Department of Natural Resources

Link to DNR media release

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