One week in the life

While rummaging through old columns and other such detritus, we found this one-week synopsis from May 2002:

Day 1: Accidentally locked in a storage cage in the range building while teaching pistol class. Students strangely quiet.

Day 2: Expensive custom knife joined the exclusive Davy Jones Collection on the bottom of Cecil Harden reservoir.

Day 3: Stayed home working at the keyboard until 3 p.m. wearing only hiking boots, T-shirt and underwear.

Day 4: Took the kids fishing then later went to the local Dairy Joint to spend too much money eating junk food. This day will be repeated whenever possible.

Day 5: Friend foul-hooked a snake while wading; friend thought it comical to sling said snake toward nearest outdoor writer.

Day 6: Something happened, but the notes are too wet and smeared to read.

Day 7: Another day wading. Got tangled in fishing line, broke rod tip then took accidental and nearly terminal swim in chest waders.

In other words, just another typical week for an outdoors enthusiast.

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