Illinois High School Bass Fishing

According to a story a few days ago in the Bellevill Ill. News-Democrat, the state of Illinois is quickly becoming the bass fishing tournament mecca of the country, at least if you are in High School.

The story explains that 227 high schools will participate in the tournament season sanctioned by the Illinois High school Sports Association.  That number is up from the 199 schools that participated in the inaugural tournament season in 2009.

On a related note-

We were researching this story and went to a link on ESPN Outdoors when we discovered what is a likely indicator that there is no hope for the future of our society: Fantasy Fishing Leagues.

Though some might have already discovered this pastime, I was appalled.  Apparently we have finally reached the point of civilization where people enjoy keeping detailed statistics on men who pursue a cold-blooded creature with a brain the size of a dried pea, rather than pursue the creature themselves.

I’m going to take two healthy snorts of liquid baitfish scent and lie down.

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