SHOT Show Expedition Log Day 3

Old timers raise your hand...remember the .44 Auto Mag, otherwise made famous by Dirty Harry? It’s back, from Excel Arms; we’ll leave the price to your imagination.

Feet aching and possibly terminal….calves cramping….sinuses dried to the point of tumbleweeds showing up when blowing the nose….severe hand sanitizer overdose …can’t remember where I was five minutes ago and can’t remember where I’m supposed to be in five minutes…..body thinks we live in the Eastern Time Zone while the mind is voting for Pacific Time and neither is winning.

Welcome to the official downhill side of the 2018 Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show.

I suppose it’s a “First World Problem” to complain about being in Las Vegas with 60,000 of your friends, co-workers and like-minded people at the SHOT Show. On the other hand, we hearty Midwesterners are laughing at the television news reports of “Cold Weather On The Way!” Horror of horrors, it’s going to dip to to 39 degrees overnight!!! Hoard food! Eat your neighbors! Flee the city! The end is nearrrrrrrrr!

Anyway, this is written as we prepare for the third day of this combination Christmas, Easter and Summer Vacation for the shooting and hunting industry. Here are highlights from yesterday:

1. I’ve done a couple of interviews and a common question is: How does the industry “feel” at this moment?

The simple answer is “happy.” Nearly everyone from manufacturers to dealers to media agree that the curent political and economic climate is good for shooting-related sports. Furthermore, there is a belief that things will continue in this vein for a while after a year of “correction” when pent-up demand was spent in the buying frenzy leading up to the last presidential election. Things have now returned to a more normal, albeit steadily upward, trend line.

2. Our coolest product so far is Buck Tracker Antler Recognition Technology by Spypoint game cameras. Using these cellular-based cameras, you can now be notified when a particular buck or doe visits the range of your camera. It also works for several other game animals and people also. Now you can be notified when that trespassing neighbor is checking out your woodlot.

The technology is really cool but they’ve got even better ideas for 2019. This wins our “Game Changing Hunting Technology” Award so far.

3. Remember the .44 Auto Mag? It’s back and better.

Excel Firearms has brought back Dirty Harry’s famous gun and updated the design with better materials and manufacturing techniques, making it more of a realistic “shooter” than a mere “Gee-Whiz” toy.

The price? We’ll leave it to your imagination but this writer won’t be owning one soon. However, we’d be happy to shoot yours.

4. Final note: the changes to the Facebook feed are rapidly making themselves felt. While these changes are supposed to help make the Facebook user experience better, we’ve noticed our WildIndiana reach is slowly declining…however, Facebook is more than willing to “Boost” our posts for a low, low price.

Anybody else smell a cold, hard bottom-line ad-revenue decision rather than an altruistic attempt to help users?

Regardless, if you enjoy seeing WildIndiana in your Facebook feed, please make sure you like our posts or page on a regular basis or, even better, place us on your Favorites list. It might not make Mark Zuckerberg and his behemoth monopoly happy, but we’ll be very grateful.

Off to SHOT Day 3- “The Reckoning of the Feet.”

Brent Wheat
A well-known and award-winning writer/photographer/radio & television talent/speaker/web-designer/media spokesperson/shooting instructor/elected official/retired police officer/bourbon connoisseur/cigar aficionado/backpacker/hunter/fisherman/gardener/preparedness guru/musician/and jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none, Brent Wheat is the editor and publisher of


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