Scentlok: Lightning in a Bottle

The powerful, NEW OZ Radial 400B by ScentLok is the most versatile portable ozone generator on the market today.

Muskegon, MI (July 17, 2018) – “It smells like rain.” We’ve heard the statement many times; some of us have said it ourselves. Fact is, the observation is real, and the chemistry behind it is equally real.

The air smells clean before and after a thunderstorm because lightning and other electrical charges in the atmosphere split nitrogen and oxygen molecules into individual atoms, some of which recombine to form O3, or ozone, giving the air a sharp, fresh aroma.

Okay, so maybe you already know that. But do you know that ozone can actually destroy other odors? Again, chemistry—and the specific process known as “oxidation”—is responsible.

The O3 molecule is inherently unstable; the third oxygen atom has a tendency to break its relatively weak bond and attach to other nearby molecules at any opportunity, forming new compounds in the process. When a molecule with a distinct odor receives an additional oxygen atom through oxidation, it is changed to something new that no longer possesses the recognizable odor. That’s why ozone is such a powerful odor destroyer, and why ozone generators are quickly becoming indispensible tools for hunters and anyone else who wants to quickly and effectively deodorize gear and spaces.

ScentLok offers a complete line of OZ Active Odor Destroyers using powerful, proprietary ozone-generating technology, and their new OZ Radial 400B is simply the most versatile portable ozone generator on the market today.

“The goal behind the OZ line of Active Odor Destroyers is to change the way hunters think about ozone products,” says Nick Andrews of ScentLok. “Looking at the market landscape, there has been little innovation in this segment. We started with a blank slate and literally set out to make the most versatile product that applies to the widest market segments. The new OZ Radial 400B has exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Ideal for hunters, campers, vehicle interiors and in-home use, the new OZ Radial 400B employs a unique, cylindrical design that attacks odors with an industry leading 360-degrees of ozone output. Its one-of-a-kind bottle shape is deliberate, allowing the unit to be placed in a backpack bottle holder, vehicle cup holder, or on any level surface. For additional utility, the quiet, streamlined Radial is easily hung with its provided tether strap—no bulky and noisy brackets required.

“We simplified everything,” says Andrews. “In the process, we created a powerful new product that has unlimited applications and universal appeal.”

Utilizing two high-output levels, the OZ Radial 400B takes ozone emission to new levels. It operates with four modes: Regular Output, Regular Cycle Mode, Boosted Output and Boost Cycle Mode. Both “Cycle” modes feature ScentLok CycleClean™ technology, which runs the product for 30 minutes and rests it for 30-minute intervals. This continues for 180 minutes, before the unit shuts off to preserve battery life. In addition, Boosted Output mode doubles the ozone output for enhanced odor-destroying capability. A convenient two-button design operates the various modes, while four LEDs clearly show the selected operating mode and battery life.

The new OZ Radial 400B operates quietly, and features a stealthy, soft-touch coating. “We took a critical look at every aspect of Radial to improve the user experience,” says Andrews. “Even the battery pack was designed to serve the customer better.”

The OZ Radial Power Bank has some of the longest battery life available, providing up to eight hours of operation per charge. The Power Bank has two USB ports, one for recharging the unit itself, and one that can be used for recharging portable devices like phones and tablets. The Power Bank does not need any charging cradle; simply plug it in using the provided USB charging cable and wall plug. Additional batteries can be purchased for a reasonable $99.99, about $30 less than the batteries of competing products.

Given Radial’s numerous features, exceptional performance and nearly unlimited uses, one would expect it to cost more than first-gen ozone products available in the marketplace. Not so. In fact, the OZ Radial 400B has an MSRP of just $249.99—nearly 40% less than competing products. And to sweeten the deal further, OZ Radial 400B comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

“This is just the beginning,” says Andrews. “As the new market leaders in ozone technology and the only company to offer a Complete Odor Management strategy, ScentLok will continue to develop real solutions for consumers at fair prices. Throughout our 26 years in business, the ScentLok brand has developed a passionate and loyal customer base because of our commitment to continuous technological innovation and, ultimately, our development of products that serve consumers best. We’re extremely proud of this legacy, and it drives everything we do. Just wait until you see what comes next.”

ScentLok OZ Radial 400B Key Features & Specifications

  • All-in-one, portable, rechargeable unit
  • Ozone technology destroys odors
  • Attacks bacteria, dust mites, mold, fungus, and mildew
  • Versatile, cylindrical design
  • 360-degree ozone emission for complete coverage (stand up, place on side, hang upside down)
  • Chemical & fragrance free
  • Whisper quiet
  • Four operating modes for maximum versatility
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life per charge
  • OZ Power Bank (USB) for charging mobile devices
  • Soft-touch coating
  • Simple two-button design and four-LED array
  • Extra batteries available (MSRP $99.99 ea.)
  • Easy and quiet to hang with the provided tether strap
  • One-year warranty
  • 3.07” wide x 7.75” tall

MSRP $249.99


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