New Video Series: 60-Second Outdoor Tips – Easy Way to Remove Waders


Today is the first day of our new Youtube video series: 60-Second Outdoor Tips.

We get asked lots of questions about things in the outdoors. Most of the time the questions are easily answered and don’t really lend themselves to an entire written article or full-scale video production.  However, the questions are important and if one person is asking, a score or more of people probably also have the same question.

So, when you consider the hundreds of under-employed videographers, editors, producers, sound engineers, Assistant Directors of Photography, makeup artists, choreographers and pastry chiefs that WildIndiana employs at our headquarters tower and studios, we wondered if we could leverage the power of video to help folks get their questions answered.  Thus, the 60-Second Outdoor Tips series was born.

Shot wholly on location, usually with a cell phone and no auxiliary gear, these are quick-hit easy-to-digest bits of outdoor wisdom that anyone can find time to watch.  Even better, we do close-captions if you want to watch it at church or during oral surgery.

Our plan is to produce at least one video per week, in addition to our periodic ‘normal’ videos, award-winning stories and awe-inspiring photography.

As we say, check back every day for more great stuff about the Hoosier Outdoors!

Video Link:


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