Grasslands initiative committee receives award

The DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife’s Grasslands for Gamebirds & Songbirds (GSS) Committee has received the 2018 Excellence in Conservation Award from the Midwest Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies (

Josh Griffin, private lands supervisor for the Division of Fish & Wildlife (DFW), was presented the award by DNR director Cameron Clark; John Davis, DNR deputy director; and DFW director Mark Reiter.

The GGS program is a partnership of more than 30 conservation-minded organizations that is being led by the DFW. GGS provides technical and financial assistance to improve or develop grassland and pollinator-friendly habitat in selected regions in Indiana.

The GSS program expects more than 2,000 acres of grassland habitat to be established across six different regions of the state, providing habitat to a number species ranging from quail to pollinators.

For more information on GGS see


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