Fish Monkey Gloves: Hand-to-Hand Combat from Marlin to Muskies

Fish Monkey offers the most complete line of hardcore angling gloves on the planet

Destin, FL (June 27, 2018) – Fishing is a hands-on sport. Been that way since before the first rod-and-reel; prior to the earliest cane pole—heck, even when the pursuit of fish involved little more than hook, line, bait . . . and your bare knuckles.

At the extreme end of the piscatorial planet, you’ve got big game beasts like blue marlin. Landing such an oceanic animal means hand-to-hand combat between one mean and muscular fish and a single first-mate who depends on the right pair of gloves to protect his phalanges. Marlin seekers call it wiring—wrapping the fishing leader around the palm of your hand while subduing a fish’s last ounces of energy. Major ouch potential.

Beast Master Heavyweight Wiring Glove

It’s one of twenty different situation-specific glove designs produced by Fish Monkey, the undisputed leaders in fish-centric hand protection.

Fish Monkey Performance Fishing Gloves, of course, aren’t just about putting fish in the boat—safeguarding both angler and quarry. There’s total UPF sun protection. Comfort. Fit. Dexterity. Grip. And it’s impossible to ignore Fish Monkey’s vast array of “hand graffiti,” statement-making colors and patterns as individual as the anglers who rock them.

Inspired by bluewater marlin voyages, 7-day-a-week bass quests, and all-winter, all-weather guide gigs, Fish Monkey Gloves defend your two most important fishing assets.

Quick Release Medium-Weight Wiring Glove


The Fish Monkey Story

No one is sure where the Fish Monkey first appeared. Some said it was in the mountainous jungles of Guatemala near the old Mayan ruins at Tikal, or at the foot of the volcano they call Fuego. Others said it was on the beaches of Isla Mujeres, Mexico’s famed Isle of Women. Still others reported seeing the mysterious creature in other places around the world: Hawaii, Australia, Costa Rica.

But all the reports had one thing in common: wherever there was good fishing, the Fish Monkey was there as well. It was reported to have a phenomenal grip, stronger and more secure than any human could ever have. No matter how slick or slimy, the Fish Monkey could handle the situation with ease.

With those legends in mind, the founders of Fish Monkey Performance Gloves set about to replicate that world-famous grip. Fish Monkey is the world’s premier manufacturer of gloves designed specifically for the water. Whether you’re on the deck of a sport-fishing boat wiring a thousand-pound blue marlin off Bermuda, casting jigs and poppers to giant trevally in the Pacific or poling a flats skiff in less than a foot of water off the Bahamas, Fish Monkey has a glove that’s designed just to fit your needs. Extremely durable, with padding in just the right places, and a fit like a second skin. Protection from sharp teeth and the sun. And all with that legendary Fish Monkey grip.

So when you demand the very best protection for your hands, reach for Fish Monkey Performance Gloves. Become part of the legend.


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