60-Second Outdoor Tip: Freakin’ Magic with Instant Wader Patch


Want to amaze your friends and fishing buddies?  How about fixing your leaky waders or torn boots instantaneously?  It can be done with UV Wader Repair.

The material looks like a clear glue. In the video, I smear it liberally on pinholes in my breathable waders I’ve marked with a permanent marker (spray the waders inside with a garden hose and you’ll see more leaks than you probably realized).  Then, the magic happens: You take the glue outside into the sunlight and within 5-10 seconds (a little slower if it is very cloudy), the patch hardens.  Within 10 minutes, it is completely solid and virtually impossible to remove.  Likewise on your finger tips!

The tube I used in the video is probably 5 years old (at least) and it works fine so shelf-life isn’t a problem.  I strongly suggest buying a tube and keeping it with your outdoor gear for quick wader, boot, tent, jacket or other repairs.

Amazon is the easiest place to buy it; a link is below.  A small tube is around $8.50

Buy here: Loon Outdoors UV Wader Repair

Brent Wheat
A well-known and award-winning writer/photographer/radio & television talent/speaker/web-designer/media spokesperson/shooting instructor/elected official/retired police officer/bourbon connoisseur/cigar aficionado/backpacker/hunter/fisherman/gardener/preparedness guru/musician/and jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none, Brent Wheat is the editor and publisher of WildIndiana.com


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