2016 Indiana Deer Season Rifle Buying Guide Part 5- The Budget

This five part rifle buying guide series is meant to help make shopping for your Indiana deer rifle a little easier. We will discuss the rifle, optics, and ammo for each setup, why they work, and how they would best be used in the field.

The Series:
Wednesday- The Brush Gun
Thursday- The Plot Watcher
Friday- The Classic
Saturday- The Extreme
Sunday- The Budget

The Budget

The Rifle – Remington 783 – .30/06 – $339

783The Model 783 from Remington was built with work in mind, not show. Short on frill and long on function the 783 isn’t a show piece as much as it’s an everyday driver. From the pillar-bedded stock and free-floated barrel to the adjustable trigger system, it’s not that the 783 is lacking anything as much as it just doesn’t have anything you don’t need. Again opting for the versatility of the .30/06 round, it’s a classically designed rifle in a proven chambering. Like they say, it’s a tool.

The Optic – Vortex Crossfire II – 4-12×44 – V-plex – $219

crossfireThere might be nothing with as bad a reputation as “budget optics.” Perhaps with good reason as the very bottom of the market has some rather uninspiring options, but “budget” doesn’t have to mean cheap. The Crossfire II line of scope from Vortex is backed by the same warranty as scopes that cost five times as much, and offers many of the same design benefits of far more expensive options. Of particular note, and where many lower-priced optics fall short is the eye relief. A generous eye relief provides not only comfort but safety, especially in adrenaline-packed moments like when that trophy buck steps out. As with our rifle choice, it isn’t that the Crossfire is missing anything, but you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need. Pure, simple, performance.

The Ammo – Remington Core Lokt – 165gr pointed soft point – $22

ammoWe’ve mentioned the Core-Lokt before, and with good reason, it’s an ammunition with a proven track record of performance. For the budget build nothing else matters. Go with what works, and as a few million rounds can attest, the Core-Lokt is as solid as it comes.

The Summary

The wonderful thing about hunting is that it doesn’t require the most expensive products to be successful. Skills are more important than anything when it comes reliably locating and hunting deer, especially big bucks. An expensive rifle isn’t going to make a deer be where you want it to be. The Budget build highlights products that over-deliver for their price, so when you take them to the field, your gear isn’t going to be what fails.

Trent Marsh - Gear Editor
Trent Marsh spent much of his childhood in the woods and lakes of Northeast Indiana. He has long had a passion for the outdoors. He transferred that passion into a career as the marketing manager for an optics company the last five years. In a short amount of time Trent has become a respected outdoor marketing professional and one of the next generation of outdoorspeople. When not hunting or fishing Trent is can usually be found tending his garden or chickens, or travelling the world with his wife.


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