2016 Indiana Deer Season Rifle Buying Guide Part 4- The Extreme

This five part rifle buying guide series is meant to help make shopping for your Indiana deer rifle a little easier. We will discuss the rifle, optics, and ammo for each setup, why they work, and how they would best be used in the field.

The Series:
Wednesday- The Brush Gun
Thursday- The Plot Watcher
Friday- The Classic
Saturday- The Extreme
Sunday- The Budget

The Extreme

The Rifle – Smith & Wesson M&P10 – .308 – $1729

mp10Does this really need explanation? Perhaps the most versatile firearm platform ever conceived, built by one of the most iconic gun builders in history, in one of the most popular and well-rounded cartridges of all time. The Extreme build rifle isn’t about saving money or being practical, this is pure frivolity. This is building a NASCAR for the deer woods. Of course it will be right at home almost anywhere, from woods to range, deer to hogs, elk to thousand-yard steel.

The Optic – Vortex Razor HD LH – 3-15×42 4BDC – $1099

razorVortex has made quite the impression on the optics world in the last decade. The Razor HD LH scopes are a testament to the ability of Vortex to create a scope that is loaded with high-end features and offers tremendous performance. The glass is the standout here, with high-density ED glass and ArmorTek coating delivering edge-to-edge clarity, and optimizing light transmission. With a one-inch chassis, the Razor HD LH still saves on weight and bulk, making it the perfect marriage of performance and function. I opted for the G4 BDC because I prefer a cleaner BDC reticle with roots in the German plex style design for hunting purposes. It stands up to virtually any other optic on the market, and is a perfect example of the type of product that Vortex has used to build a rock solid reputation.
The Ammo – Nosler Trophy Grade Accubond – 165gr – $44

wp_trophy-grade-bannerIf you spend much time talking to professional hunting guides, especially those who have spent time as professional hunters in Africa, you’re keenly aware of the reputation of Nosler bullets. Their ammunition has the same reputation. With decades of research time in their ballistics lab, Nosler ammunition is loaded to maximize accuracy and bullet performance. If you’re going to all out, don’t stop at the ammunition.

The Summary –

Practicality went out the window. We went window shopping for some of the very best products the shooting industry has to offer, and put them in one big pile of wicked deer hunting hardware. Build the Extreme, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a hunt camp your rifle isn’t the envy of every hunter there. It may sting to part with the funds to make it happen, but spending on quality products, especially firearms, is rarely a bad investment.

Trent Marsh - Gear Editor
Trent Marsh spent much of his childhood in the woods and lakes of Northeast Indiana. He has long had a passion for the outdoors. He transferred that passion into a career as the marketing manager for an optics company the last five years. In a short amount of time Trent has become a respected outdoor marketing professional and one of the next generation of outdoorspeople. When not hunting or fishing Trent is can usually be found tending his garden or chickens, or travelling the world with his wife.


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