The Ultimate Hunt: Porcupine

If you are interested in a world-class trophy that is considered one of the true Lords of the Wilderness, plan on heading to Pennsylvania this fall for a porcupine hunt.

According to several media sources, the Keystone State has been the butt of many jokes lately as the Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners established an open season on porcupine hunting.  Considering that the animal moves at approximately the same speed as frozen syrup and is somewhat tough to skin, not too many people understand the reasoning behind this rule change.

It was also noted that the state Fish and Wildlife Department didn’t ask for the new law so it is somewhat a mystery as why Game Commissioner David Putnam offered up the request.  As for justification, it was noted that harvest of porcupines is legal in Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Nova Scotia.

Pennsylvania certainly wouldn’t want to fall behind Massachusetts as the east coast’s major porcupine-hunting destination.

If you’re interested, there is a daily possession limit of six porkies with a possession limit of 12.  If anyone figures out what to do with an even dozen of the walking pincushions, make sure you let us know.

And send pictures.

Except from Penn. Board of Game Commissioners rule:

BOARD ESTABLISHES SPECIFIC SEASON FOR PORCUPINES The Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners, based on a request from Game Commissioner David Putnam at the Board’s October meeting, and an amendment offered today by Game Commissioner David Schreffler, gave final approval to a specific hunting season for porcupines. Under the new season, hunters can take porcupines from Sept. 1 through March 31. The daily limit is six and the field possession limit is 12. Hunters pursuing porcupines may use any legal sporting arm, and must wear 250 inches of fluorescent orange material. Porcupines may be harvested from one-half hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset.Among other states in the Northeast that allow the harvesting of porcupines are Maine, Massachusetts and New York, as well as the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Read the full release here

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