Bobcat sightings

bobcat (Medium)There is an article on the Indiana Associated Press wire service, datelined from Columbus, talking about the increase in Bobcat sightings.

The story describes how bobcats are being more commonly seen in southern Indiana backyards. The writer spoke with a wildlife rehabilitator who discussed the phenomenon.

We do believe that the story is slightly inaccurate. It states that the DNR says “sightings had disappeared” in the 1990’s. First of all, the grammar is wrong; I will assume the writer meant that no bobcat sightings took during the 90’s.

Actually, in the 1990’s the DNR undertook an extensive survey of bobcat populations and were greatly surprised that there were actually quite a few of the big kitties running around the woods and forests of our states. The cats are so solitary that they are infrequently seen.

Next time we are speaking to the DNR we will inquire if they think numbers are actually increasing or the cats are becoming more comfortable around human habitation or people are just believing they are seeing more of the predators.

Over 20 years ago while deer hunting near Turkey Run State Park we heard the unmistakable ‘scream’ of a bobcat echo thorough the quiet dusk woods. I can attest that there is no sound, aside from “I have a registered letter for you from the IRS”, that will send razor blades right up your spine like the scream of that ghost of the forest, the bobcat.

photo credit: Dave Menke, U.S Fish and Wildlife Service

3 thoughts on “Bobcat sightings

  1. I would like to know about bobcat sightings in Northern Indiana. I heard there were sightings in Granger, Indiana / St. Joe County. I am a teacher and my class is researching various wildlife of Indiana. I have sighted many Bald Eagles, Osprey, and Beaver in the St. Joe River over the past five years.

  2. We have just discovered three bobcat kittens on our property in Terre Haute. Saw the mother leave when we entered the barn. A dnr biologist has been contacted.

  3. On my drive home from work today I saw a bobcat cross Oak Rd. just North of State Road 4. It went into Potato Creek State Park.

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