Wildgame Innovations Silent Crush 20

The first scouting camera with Tru-Dual CamTM technology

Wildgame Innovations wowed hunters and game managers last year, with their release of the revolutionary Silent Crush 20 – the first scouting camera with Tru-Dual CamTM technology – featuring innovative dual onboard cameras optimized for daylight and nighttime image capture. The result was the elimination of a mechanical IR filter and the noise it creates, while increasing the quality of images captured during transition periods. Silent Crush also employed Silent Lens System technology to create an undetectable camera that does its job without making a sound.

For 2018, Wildgame Innovations makes Tru-Dual Cam technology available to even more hunters and game managers with two all-new highly affordable and exciting Rival camera models. These exceptional cameras feature even more technology to improve performance and image quality. Adaptive Illumination actually detects the distance the moving object is away from the camera and automatically adjusts the image exposure accordingly. That means no more washed out images of game that is too close, and no more underexposed images of animals at the far end of the camera’s range.

The all-new Rival 18 and Rival 18 Lightsout are incredible values, incorporating unprecedented levels of technology and capability for their hunter-friendly MSRPs of just $129.99 and $139.99, respectively. Both models are covered by Wildgame Innovations’ one-year guarantee.


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