Three Rivers Public Fishing Area now open

Anglers will have better and safer access to the West Fork of the White River in Morgan County thanks to a new public fishing area that opened in December.

Three Rivers Public Fishing Area is about four miles north of Martinsville on State Road 67, north of the intersection with State Road 39. The 39-acre property on the west bank of the river offers more than a half-mile of shoreline access in an area with excellent catfish, walleye, smallmouth bass and white bass fishing.

Parking is available at a gravel parking lot. A walking path takes anglers to the river.

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  1. Went there today with my family. This place is disgusting!! People come to fish and leave their trash EVERYWHERE! I’ve never seen a worse public area. The fishing area is rocky, not sandy. Swimming is not allowed and is absolutely dangerous considering it is 50 yards downstream of a dam. DNR really needs to hire someone to clean this up. Glass and trash everywhere. The fishing area was packed on a Sunday afternoon by what appeared to be homeless people. If you’re looking for a nice place to take the family, go elsewhere! If you’re ok being surrounded by trash and criminals to catch some catfish, this is your place!

  2. It’s a flood area, a lot of debris is from flooding through the season. However, there is quit a bit of trash left by fishermen and boozers. Some people use these access area to actually put food on their table and while they may appear unruling they mostly stay to themselves, just be respectful and steer clear. Enjoyed walking my dog on the sandy beach on the river.

  3. Visited fall of 17. Like the first post, disgusting trash everywhere, dirty diapers, poop piles and TP just off the path. Over-run by mexicans, we didn’t feel safe as we were clearly not part of their crowd. It was clear they were discussing our presence, just didn’t feel safe. Then a couple young men followed us back to the truck, got in quickly and locked the doors. Very disappointing visit.


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