We Start our 2018 SHOT Show Coverage with Snow and Gunfire!

We have arrived safely in Las Vegas, Nevada for the start of the 2018 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show.

Yesterday, we rolled in from Prescott, Arizona where we spent the night with our friend and co-conspirator Ken. After once again bringing overnight snow and 12-degree temperatures to the desert, we made the three hour drive to Kingman and then up to Las Vegas.

The drive on I-40 from Flagstaff, Arizona to Kingman, then Las Vegas through the Lake Mead National Recreation isn’t usually mentioned on tourism guides but it certainly should be. From desert mountains to sagebrush high prairie and then the incredibly dramatic vistas of technicolor rocks along the Colorado River, the trip was spectacular in its own right.

There are several areas of red granite ‘dells’ that must have been designed by the Disney Company while the run-down, end-of-the-line homesteads in the desert are highly picturesque in themselves. My own favorite is the hardscrabble airport settlement south of Lake Mead where every home, travel trailer and adobe dwelling has a ramshackle hanger alongside. We watched a small Piper aircraft make a series of too-dramatic turns before landing in the sagebrush alongside the actual runway. I’m not sure if the aircraft had some type of emergency or it was simply a crazy old desert coot having a little fun, it fit the overall scene perfectly.

Our first destination was the Boulder Gun Club shooting range complex near Boulder City, Nevada, home of the Hoover Dam. The gun range was the setting for the Industry Day, where exhibitors can offer the opportunity to shoot their latest wares since the actual trade show doesn’t have such facilities.

Several things were noteworthy among the hundreds of new firearms. First and second were the Ruger PC Carbine and Security Nine pistol.

The PC Carbine is a 9mm take-down carbine that takes Ruger or Glock magazines. For around $600, you can have a great “car” gun that is a hoot to shoot and also handles your Glock 9mm magazines.

The Security Nine pistol appears to be a real winner. It is essentially a rather nondescript striker-fired 9mm defensive pistol that is pretty lightweight and boasts all the typical bells and whistles of a modern defensive handgun but the big advantage is the price point: around $300. You might find a well-used Glock for your saved-up lunch money but instead, you could have a first-quality 9mm handgun. I think both guns are going to be big sellers for Ruger.

The other interesting gun was the Mossberg 590 Shockwave. It is a short-barrel, pistol grip pump shotgun that is completely legal for various arcane reasons we won’t delve into. We shot the 20 gauge and it is entirely controllable even one-handed. For an “around the farm” or close-range home defense weapon, it looks promising.

After leaving range day, we headed to Vegas and our hotel on the strip. On the way, we passed the site of the massacre at the Route 93 Harvest Festival in 2017. Unless you know what you’re looking for, there are no signs whatsoever that happened at the location. It is eerie to realize of the horror that occurred there yet there is absolutely no indication that empty lot and skeleton of stage rigging was the scene of America’s worse mass-shooting.

Leaving that unpleasant spot behind, we arrived at our hotel and eventually found our digs on the 43rd floor. Unlike years past, we aren’t looking at an expanse of roof or a blank brick wall; we actually have a fantastic view of The Strip and all it’s glories,.

There were even one or two of those glories we could share on a family website!

Upon further review, no; there is nothing here that should be shared.

Keep checking back on WildIndiana.com and our various social media sites as we provide updates throughout the next several days.

Brent Wheat
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