Spider Rigin Jigs to Make Splash At Indiana Fishing Expo

Martinsville wholesaler and custom bait manufacturer, Spider Rigin Jigs, will unveil new designs during the expo held at the Johnson County Fairgrounds at the end of January. Greg Phillips and Steve Wallace, founders of Spider Rigin Jigs, predict participation in the annual expo will expand their clientele and create a buzz in the fishing industry.

Local manufacturer Spider Rigin Jigs will join the expo for the first time this January. The Indiana Fishing Expo highlights the best in local bait and lure manufacturers throughout Indiana. Over 30 different vendors promote their bait and tackle throughout the weekend with the very best in local freshwater bait and tackle. The event also features several guest speakers who will educate the public in different species of fish and techniques required to catch them.

“We are excited, that’s for sure. We can finally reach new anglers that are looking for the edge in bait and tackle,” said Phillips. “The Indiana Fishing Expo is giving us a platform to showcase our custom made lures.”

Spider Rigin Jigs currently provides lures for crappie, bass, bluegill, perch, walleye and catfish. They have lures located in stores across the state and country. These stores include Westside Bait and Tackle (Indianapolis), The Outdoorsman Sport Shop (Greenwood), Honey Creek Tackle (Bargersville), Old Country Bait and Tackle (Nineveh) and out of state tackle stores which stock several exclusive handmade custom lures. The company also works with individuals to personalize bait and tackle to specific custom orders based upon request.

For more information, contact: spiderrigin@gmail.com or phone (765) 318-3837

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