SHOT Show Expedition Log, Day 2

A sea of firearms industry humanity descends on the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas. Photo credit: National Shooting Sports Federation.

LAS VEGAS- Yesterday concluded the first day of the 40th annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show.

As we sit to recap the day early on Tuesday morning (by Las Vegas standards), it’s one of those moments when you realize, “I’ve was really busy but it doesn’t seem like I accomplished anything.”

Of course, at SHOT, not getting anything accomplished is relative.

We joined 60,000 of our friends in the shooting industry as the show opened its doors at 9 a.m. (Noon, Eastern Standard Time). This year was unique as we are committed to spending half-days working in a booth so our time walking around is more limited but as a veteran with 20 of these shows under our belt, it’s easier to “Call your shot” (no pun intended) and accomplish more in less time.

In no particular order of significance, here are some of the observations from Day 1-

  1. The crowd seemed lighter.  While the media horde was somewhat reduced due to a strict “No General Media” policy this year, the overall crowd numbers could have been impacted by the recent government shutdown that might have impacted travel plans for a number of federal workers
  2. Podcasting and radio is taking a new importance.  For the first time ever, there is a significant “Radio Row” broadcasting a number of radio programs and podcasts from outside the main room.
  3. On the same note, social media video is the new normal for outdoor scribes. Every media outlet ranging from Billy-Bob’s Shooting Blog to Guns and Ammo have full video crews working the show floor.
  4. We talked to our friend Brandon Travino, Marketing Manager for Ruger Firearms, about the PC Carbine.  It is only one of the new gun stories of the show but our little social media post from Monday got shared and has over 6000 views so we did a follow-up where Brandon explained the gun in further detail.  Check it out on our Facebook page.
  5. Last night, after a really fine dinner courtesy of Gunsite Academy (at a restaurant that probably doesn’t normally journalists in the door), he hit The Strip for our favorite after-dinner activity: cigars while people-watching.  If you’re into seeing every possibly variation of humanity, good and bad, spend an hour along Las Vegas Boulevard.  From shell-shocked families straight off the farm, to hordes of Japanese tourist groups, dirty insane homeless people and the 50-year-old Michael Jackson impersonator who more closely resembled Your Faithful Correspondant than Mr. Jackson, you can see it all.
  6. You can also buy Sushi at the Walgreens Drug Store.
  7. But I wouldn’t

We’ll have more today.

Brent Wheat
A well-known and award-winning writer/photographer/radio & television talent/speaker/web-designer/media spokesperson/shooting instructor/elected official/retired police officer/bourbon connoisseur/cigar aficionado/backpacker/hunter/fisherman/gardener/preparedness guru/musician/and jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none, Brent Wheat is the editor and publisher of


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