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Choosing outdoor stocking stuffers is sometimes a case of “not seeing the forest for the trees.”  While there is zillion variations on lures, guns, boats and every other category of outdoor gear, it can often be tough to sort through all the possibilities to find meaningful inexpensive (under $15) gifts for the outdoor enthusiast.  Here are some of our ideas that we added to our own Christmas gift list:

outdoor stocking stuffersETOW Waterproof Cell Phone Case– These should be required equipment for anyone going outdoors.  While they are obviously necessary for kayakers and beach goers, they also can save your phone from dirt, dust and rain while hunting, boating, biking or any other outdoor activity.


Soldier Fuel Energy Bars They look like the hundreds of other brands of energy bars on the market with one major difference: they work like food instead of candy in your body.  First used and developed by the U.S. Militia, these bars give you a longer “burn time” without the blood sugar crash and don’t leave you feeling hungry after 15 minutes like most other “power” bars.  Taste is OK; after all, they are a meal-replacement bar, not fresh pizza!

Night Ize Microlight Everyone should have one of these tiny wonders in their pocket or purse.  Incredibly bright for such a small light, they have high power, low power and strobe settings, a replaceable battery and feature “swipe to shine” capacitance switch (no moving parts).  The Microlight doesn’t replace your primary flashlight but in a pinch, it is more than adequate to get you through an inconvenience or an emergency.  This is truly the one light we recommend everyone should carry.

Military Energy Gum– Keep this away from the kids!  Each piece of gum delivers 100 mg of caffeine five times faster than pills or coffee.  They are great for keeping awake on the deer stand or those long pre-dawn drives to the boat ramp without having to stop for a cup of truck-stop coffee!

Cut Resistant Gloves– Keep the angler in your life happy and healthy with cut-resistant gloves.  Made of soft fibers, they are four times stronger than leather without the weight of stainless-steel mesh gloves.  Perfect for cleaning fish, field-dressing game, shucking oysters or anything else where your hands might suffer a significant injury from a sharp object.

Female Wee-Wee Device– OK guys, go ahead and snicker but our lady friends tell us these little funnels are the bomb for outdoor activities.  When facilities aren’t available or very inconvenient, the girls can stand just like the boys!  Makes boating or hiking much simpler for females.

Nite Ize S-Biner Slidelock 3 pack– These miniature carabiners are vital pieces of our outdoor equipment.  They clips hats and gloves to packs, help dummy-cord pliers to our fishing vest and about 10,000 other uses for the outdoors enthusiast.  Aside from the S-Biner, we also like their reusable gear ties.

Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Tape– This is the only stuff that will repair inflatable vinyl items such floats, rafts, pools and other items.  Most repair tape turns gooey and falls off within minutes when placed on vinyl due to the chemicals that leach out.  The Tear-Aid tape is formulated to resist these chemicals and adhere for years.  In our experience, it works as advertised!

McNett Tactical Field Fix Kit– A pocket-sized kit that has all the gear and clothing repair basics inside a stout mesh and nylon bag.  Anytime you go into the backcountry or go on an overnight hunting or fishing trip, you should carry a repair kit. This outfit fills the bill for under $15.

Titanium long handle spoon– a metal version of the long-handled plastic spoon included in military MRE (Meals Ready to Eat).  Those spoons are exceptionally handy for chow, even when you aren’t eating an MRE, so it was a natural for someone to make a metal version.  These are great for freeze-bag cooking or those lunchtime tuna pouches!

Zippo pocket lighter even if you don’t smoke, all outdoors enthusiasts should carry a lighter for starting fires, melting cut nylon cord or sterilizing knife blades prior to field surgery (just kidding….mostly).  You can carry a cheap disposable lighter or you can carry an American Classic: the Zippo. Whip out your Zippo and earn dozens of style points with the crew.

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