New WATERFOWL Products at 2018 SHOT Show

The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show kicks off in Las Vegas this week, and while attendees will see plenty of new firearms and firearms accessories there, retail representatives and media members specifically seeking out new waterfowl-hunting gear will find plenty to get excited about tucked away in various manufacturers’ booths throughout the Sands Expo and Convention Center. Here’s a sneak pek at several such products that are worthy of their – and your – attention.

Waterfowl superstar and champion caller, Fred Zink, started Zink Calls and Avian-X after working his way through the ranks of several other well known companies where he held multiple titles and duties. Fred’s can-do attitude, approachable nature and unending drive quickly gained the respect of the industry, just as his calling and hunting acumen had gained the respect of waterfowl hunters. Today, Zink Calls and Avian-X are two of the most popular, hunter-preferred brands in the waterfowl world.

For 2018, Avian-X does what they do best: making waterfowl hunting more enjoyable and rewarding by adding even more highly practical and ultra realistic decoy options to help hunters fool more birds.

Avian-X’s new Oversized Mallards and Oversized Black Ducks are 30% larger than standard Avian-X Mallard and Black Duck decoys. These 17-inch blocks stand out with a larger footprint that’s more visible to high-flying ducks and more stable on the water. Translation? A more powerful form of attraction that will help turn the highest-flying migrants towards your spread and then finish them with industry-leading Avian-X realism.

Like all Avian-X Topflight Decoys, new Oversized Mallards and Black Ducks employ ultra-realistic paint schemes combined with the ultimate in paint adhesion and durability for the final word in floating duck decoy quality. All Avian-X Topflight decoys feature an innovative weight-forward swim keel; simply snap the line through the swim clip to give decoys a more natural motion on the water. Oversized Black Ducks feature fully flocked bodies for non-glare performance and long-range attraction.

Available in standard or new foam-filled versions, Avian-X Oversized Mallards and Oversized Black Ducks are sold in six-packs that include two high-head drakes, two low-head drakes, one high-head hen and one low-head hen. Look for them at licensed Avian-X dealers later in 2018.

Continuing the theme of improving options for hunters, Avian-X is also announcing a Foam-Filled option on many of their popular Topflight floating duck decoy models. Available as an option on Topflight Canvasbacks, Blue Bills, Redheads, Open Water Sleeper Packs, Fusion Mallard Packs and new-for-2018 Oversized Mallards and Oversized Black Ducks, Avian-X’s new foam-filled technology creates decoys that will ride out the storm – whether it’s raining water or raining steel.

Core-Loc™ Technology fills every cavity inside the decoy – tail to body to head – with premium, marine-grade foam. The process seals the interior to create improved buoyancy, greatly enhanced stability and unsinkable performance. Go ahead and fill ‘em with shot; these resilient, worry-free decoys will keep on floating and attracting ducks with lifelike Avian-X realism, movement and attention to detail.

Flextone is a brand that has earned a reputation for providing affordable and highly effective game calls. Offering a complete line of easy-blowing duck and goose calls, Flextone is making big waves in the waterfowl world in 2018 with the launch of a comprehensive line of duck decoys, versatile waterfowl blinds, duck and goose hunting accessories and decoy rigging components and kits.

Featuring true-to-life postures, great attention to detail and durable and realistic paint schemes, Flextone’s new Lifesize Mallard, Lifesize Wood Duck, Lifesize Gadwall, Lifesize Black Duck and Lifesize Green-Winged Teal Decoys have been modeled by World Champion carver, Dick Rhode. Each pack of six contains three drakes and three hens.

When it comes to some duck decoys, beauty is often only skin deep. That isn’t the case with Flextone’s new duck decoys. These blocks not only look real, but they stay upright and move like real ducks, too, thanks to a weighted keel that adds stability and contributes to natural movement, even in rough waters. This superior weight-forward keel design includes a line hook in the front for quick depth adjustments. These new decoys deliver premium looks at an affordable price for the everyday hunter. MSRP for six packs range from $34.99 to $49.99.

Whether setting up an all-new spread, adding to one, or undertaking repairs to the stack of decoys on the DL in the corner of your garage, rigging floating duck and goose decoys takes a bit of time, but can be a rewarding experience that pays dividends once the season begins… if you plan properly and use the right components. Flextone is committed to helping hunters do the job right with a full line of new decoy rigging components and kits for 2018 including Strap Weights, Decoy Lines, PVC Cord Crimps, Decoy Rigging Kits and ready-to-hunt Texas Rigs.

Texas-style decoy rigging provides the fastest and most organized way to set and pull decoys when hunting in all but the deepest waters. Available in two lengths and weight options, Flextone’s new Texas Rigs come pre-rigged for anchoring six decoys in a variety of conditions. The 36-inch Texas Rigs come with versatile 4- ounce sliding weights that lighten the load when carrying decoys, while the 54-inch Texas Rigs include 6-ounce sliding weights that are perfect deeper water or current. Both lengths come with installed snap-swivel for fast and reliable attachment to decoys, as well as pre-crimped loops at the terminal ends to maintain a clean, tangle-free profile. The loops make picking-up decoys simple, even with gloved hands, and can be stacked on a carabineer for the ultimate in organization and ease of transport. MSRPs are $21.99 for six of the 36” rigs and $24.99 for six of the 54” rigs.

Duck and goose hunters often need to set up in areas that lack available cover. Flextone responds to this need with four versatile new blind models, all finished in stealthy Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo.

The new Landing Strip Blind is one of two new layout blinds for 2018 from Flextone. Featuring an aluminum frame with steel-reinforced joints and an extra-wide interior, the Landing Strip gives hunters a full-length padded seat and headrest for maximum comfort, while a super-HD 1800D polyester floor protects the hunter from the hardest frozen ground. A pair of spring-loaded doors with mesh viewing screens sewn into the upper-half pop open when the hunter sits up to shoot. Inside, a large interior pocket keeps necessities like phones and shotgun shells safely off the floor and within easy reach. Equipped with multiple brush loops, the Landing Strip features an adjustable strap along one side that makes carrying it while folded an easy proposition. MSRP is $229.99.

The new, right-sized Flextone Floating Blind Bag offers water-resistant storage for a myriad of waterfowl hunting related essentials like shotgun shells, calls, handwarmers, cell phone, camera, gloves, snacks, truck keys, facemasks or anything else you’ll need for a morning in the boat or blind.

Constructed from ultra-durable 500-denier nylon fabric in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo, the Flextone Floating Blind Bag features a heavy-duty padded shoulder strap and carry handle with an ergonomic, molded grip for easy transport. Easy access to the bag’s generous main compartment comes via a large top flap secured with heavy-duty quick-snap buckles. Multiple pockets with sturdy closures – including large zippered pockets on each end – offer additional secure storage. MSRP is $39.99.

The new Flextone Neoprene Clip-On Shell Holder offers a safe and comfortable way to hold and transport up to 25 rounds – even the longer 3.5” shells so popular with waterfowlers. With a full 58-inches of adjustability, the Neoprene Clip-On Shell Holder sizes fast to fit the waist of any hunter, and can also be worn across the shoulder as a bandolier. Like the Blind Bag, the ultra-handy Neoprene Clip-On Shell Holder comes in versatile Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blade camo. MSRP is $14.99.

Now that Flextone offers a new line of duck decoys, they figured it was wise to also give those sweet blocks a nice place to stay when they aren’t pulling greenheads from lofty altitudes. The new Flextone Mesh Decoy Bag easily holds up to 36 standard duck decoys. The OD green polyester rot-proof mesh features a drawstring closure at the top and a simple reinforced nylon shoulder strap for easy carrying. Hardcore waterfowl hunters know that simpler is usually better, and the Mesh Decoy Bag’s proven, basic design will perform admirably hunt after hunt without adding a bunch of extra cost. MSRP is $17.99.

Nothing warms up a half-frozen body like a hot cup of coffee or soup, and the new Flextone 24-Ounce Insulated Bottle is the best way to carry these and other hot or cold liquids afield. Unlike shiny insulated bottles that bling in the sun, Flextone’s insulated bottle won’t spook incoming birds. Designed for waterfowl hunters, but perfect for hunters of all stripes, this handsome, high-performance stainless-steel bottle comes with a dual-insulated neoprene cover in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades camo along with a nylon carry handle and even a shoulder strap for the ultimate in transport versatility. Of course, the protective lid doubles as a cup… your cup; tell your hunting buddy to get his own. MSRP is $24.99.

While hot fluids can warm the body, a waterfowler’s hands take the brunt of harsh winds, rain and snow. And when it’s time to pick up, the last thing a hunter wants to do is dip those half-frozen digits into icy-cold water. Flextone’s new Neoprene 24” Decoy Gloves are truly a must-have (dare we say… luxury?) for every waterfowl hunter. Offering waterproof protection and a cozy fleece lining, these awesome gloves have dimpled palms and fingers for better grip, while offering a comfy but snug fit for improved dexterity. MSRP is $24.99.

Made from braided paracord, the new Flextone Four-Loop Paracord Lanyard is crafted just like more expensive custom models. Featuring four adjustable drops, this lanyard can handle four favorite calls of any size. The sleek, low-vis design won’t snag or unravel, and doesn’t feel like an anchor rope around the neck. With plenty of space for leg bands, this durable and attractive lanyard is built to perform over many seasons. MSRP is $9.99.

Tastefully emblazoned with the Flextone logo, this legit new waterfowling kit is sure to become standard equipment for waterfowl hunters everywhere. Best of all, after pulling the trigger on all these great new Flextone accessories, these savvy hunters will still have plenty of cash leftover for fuel and shells. Look for all of these new Flextone waterfowl-hunting accessories in 2018 at licensed Flextone retailers.


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