New Jackall Lures

Jaco 58MR Crankbait –

With Jackall’s unique moving weight system contributing to long casts, the new Jaco 58MR flat-sided crank features an internal scale pattern finish for exceptional underwater reflection. It will dive down to 6-feet, excels in grass and cooler water, and also can be used as an ideal finesse crankbait. The Jaco 58MR cranks are available in eight colors, including IS Lime Chartreuse, Ghost Wakasagi, TO Craw, TO Muddy Shad, TO Ghost Shad, IS Bluegill, IS Ghost Scale and SK Silver Shiner.

Suggested Retail: $14.99

ChunkCraw Creature Bait –

Green Pumpkin Chart bottom (Medium)Ideal craw-like creature bait for targeting big bass, the new Jackall ChunkCraw is offered in two sizes and in eight different colors. Offered in both 3.5- and 4-inch versions, the bait can be fished punched, flipped, as a jig trailer and Texas-rigged. The eight available colors include Green Pumpkin Pepper, Watermelon Pepper, Black Blue, SI Orange, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, Southern Delight, SG Craw, and the B.A.S.S. Elite pro Jared Lintner special JL Craw.

Suggested Retail: $4.99 – 5 pack     

Pompadour Jr. Topwater –

Expanding on its popular Pompadour topwater lure line-up – designed with ‘magnetic POMPADOUR Jr.IS_BLOODY_CORE (Medium)center of gravity’ system and custom metal wings so it produces action with either a slow or fast retrieve, Jackall offers the new 2.6-inch (66mm) Pompadour Jr. Weighing 5/8-ounces, the lure features both a rear hook and prop to create noise and splash. It is offered in six colors, including Black Bone, Yellow Frog, Green Frog, Bone White, ISGill Bone and exclusive to the Jr. size, IS Bloody Core.

Suggested Retail: $19.99

ScissorComb Creature Bait —

Producing a ‘crawling’ action from four reversed arms coming off a bottleneck shape, and even more kicking up action with two tails, Jackall expands the creature bait series with a new 3.8-inch size. As with the larger 6-inch ScissorComb baits, they are all offered in seven colors – Watermelon Pepper, Crawdad, Green Pumpkin Pepper, Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, Monster Bug, Grass Gill and Hologram Smoke.

Suggested Retail: $4.99 – 5 pack

TN Liplesss Crankbaits –

Jackall add two new colors – Spawn Tiger and SS Chartreuse – to the 17 colors currently offered in its TN-60 and TN-70 lipless crankbaits.

Suggested Retail – both sizes: $14.99

Cross Tail Shad Drop-Shot Plastic Worms –

Considered the first plastic worm developed primarily for drop-shotting, Jackall expands it Cross Tail Shad selection with four new colors, including BM Shiner, Melon Copper, CB Alewife and Oxblood. With a tail that vibrates when shaken, the Cross Tail Shad plastics are offered in both 3- and 4-inch lengths.

Suggested Retail – $4.99 – 5 pack



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