Mossy Oak Now the Official Camo of Ducks Unlimited

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -Ducks Unlimited (DU) recently announced that Mossy Oak Brand Camo signed on as DU’s newest corporate partner, making the well-known brand the “official camo pattern of Ducks Unlimited.”
“It was with great pleasure that I had the opportunity to share not only business discussions, but also a blind with DU CEO, Dale Hall, and DU President, Paul Bonderson,” said Chris Paradise, chief sales officer for Mossy Oak. “If there was ever any question as to their dedication to the resource and our waterfowl community, you can lay those doubts to rest. As hunters and conservationists we are in great hands with these two gentlemen.”
Founded by Toxey Haas in 1986, Mossy Oak is a leading manufacturer of camouflage patterns, concealing hunters from waterfowl, big game, turkeys and everything in-between. Not only is the company a leader in the camouflage industry, it also supports programs and organizations committed to conservation and the hunting and shooting sports.
“Haas Outdoors and Mossy Oak have a long-standing commitment to conservation across North America, and in keeping with that tradition, Mossy Oak has joined DU to support our wetlands and waterfowl conservation efforts while also providing DU members and volunteers a one-of-a-kind camo pattern,” said Amy Batson, DU’s chief fundraising officer. “We’re proud to call Mossy Oak our latest partner, and I’m certain DU supporters will enjoy the new pattern featuring the iconic DU duck head logo incorporated into the Shadow Grass Blades pattern.”
For nearly 30 years, Mossy Oak has developed quality camouflage patterns for outdoorsmen and women, and Shadow Grass Blades is the most popular and versatile waterfowl camouflage patterns on the market. In addition to its camo patterns and products, Mossy Oak expanded their brand to include several sister companies – Nativ Nurseries, BioLogic, GameKeepers, Mossy Oak Productions, MOOSE Media, Mossy Oak Properties and Nativ Living.
“For the past 30 years, Mossy Oak has considered waterfowl, and specifically waterfowl conservation, a priority,” Paradise said. “From our corporate funding, to the resource, to developing the best camouflage to hunt ducks and geese across North America, it is a passion second to none here at Mossy Oak. As we announce our long-term partnership with Ducks Unlimited as the organization’s official camouflage pattern, we are now able to further our dedication to the resource, our waterfowl licensees and our cherished fraternity of waterfowl hunters across the nation.”
With more than 1,000 licensees, Mossy Oak maintains retail relations, licensing and cooperative relationships with all the major outdoor/sporting goods retailers in the United States.
The five-year partnership with Ducks Unlimited was inked on August 15, and products sporting the new camo pattern are slated to hit shelves next year.
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