Frabill i3 Ice Fishing Suit

frabill i3
Frabill i3 Parka

Overview – It’s a pretty straightforward problem. Ice fishing is done in some of the most brutal elements that your area can deliver. Being comfortable on the ice requires gear that is designed to negate the elements, while also making the angler as safe as possible. How does the Frabill i3 suit stack up?

MSRP – Jacket, $199 – Bibs, $199

Frabill i3 bib

Hits – It keeps you warm and dry when everything in the outside is trying to do the exact opposite. Every jacket comes with a set of ice picks already around the collar of the jacket, a safety item far too many go onto the ice without, myself being guilty of this. Flatly, it does what it says it will do, and in a comfortable manner, what else can you ask for?

 Misses – For me, if the bibs are fitted high enough to keep me from walking on the bibs with my heel, the inseam rides a little high. It’s not awful, and won’t be an issue for everyone. The bib straps themselves use a tension snap to lock them in place, there is no buckle, so it can’t be set to the appropriate length and left there.

 Surprising feature – It may sound silly, but the wrist cuff on the jacket is ingenious. For me, poor cuff design can be a deal breaker in a jacket. If it is too tight, my wrist is irritated, or properly layering the jacket over gloves can be difficult. Too loose, and wind and water can too easily find its way into the sleeve. The tapered design of the cuff is tight enough to keep out the elements, but loose enough to not cause discomfort. Brilliantly designed.

Trent Marsh - Gear Editor
Trent Marsh spent much of his childhood in the woods and lakes of Northeast Indiana. He has long had a passion for the outdoors. He transferred that passion into a career as the marketing manager for an optics company the last five years. In a short amount of time Trent has become a respected outdoor marketing professional and one of the next generation of outdoorspeople. When not hunting or fishing Trent is can usually be found tending his garden or chickens, or travelling the world with his wife.


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