Community partners sought for DNR Community Hunting Access Program

The DNR is seeking community partners interested in participating in the
Community Hunting Access Program (CHAP) in 2018.

In its second year, CHAP is an initiative through the DNR Division of
Fish & Wildlife to increase hunting opportunities for deer in urban and
suburban areas. Doing so can help alleviate human-deer conflicts. CHAP
provides community partners with financial and technical assistance to
administer hunting programs in their communities.

As part of the program, managed hunts are administered by a certified
CHAP coordinator trained in hunting safety, deer biology and public

The community partner determines when and where managed hunts occur,
what hunters can participate, and which certified CHAP coordinator they
use or contract.

Eligible community partners include parks, homeowners associations, and
other land managing entities. Parties interested in participating must
submit a grant application by March 31.

For more information on CHAP, the grant application and the current
certified CHAP Coordinators list, visit


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